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Stephen Lind Stephen Lind
Well Hello

and welcome to my pity party. while this project is in development, i am too gd excited and can’t keep it all in; so here we go!

i find it hard to commit to a certain sound, style or vibe because depending on the day, i enjoy different things. this project is representative of just that; i didn’t restrict my self to one style of pop, my producer & i played within every sub-genre that i love. from acoustic guitars to high-hitting synths; this record is something i’m incredibly proud of. and most importantly, it’s fun as hell.

as of now; the project is going to be released as 2 EPs; one that focuses on the ‘pity’ and the other the ‘party.’ it’s not that one album is strictly ‘fast’ songs while the other is ‘slow,’ it’s more about the emotion that the track represents. there are days i am on top of the world and feel invincible while others i feel like a troll who just crawled out from under the bridge after a 300-year hibernation.

the title comes from my inner-monologue which is often telling me that i have no reason to complain because of a, b or c. but sometimes, you just have to let yourself sulk and host a pity party.

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